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Terms & Conditions

  • Only guests with reservations are accepted. Daily guests are not accepted to our club.

  • Over the age of 4 years old is included in the total guest capacity.

  • No outside pets are allowed. For the sake of the safety of other animals in the park, we cannot accept any pets.
    Dozens of different kinds of animals are free in our park, and especially deer and gazelles are timid and delicate. Dogs in the park may react to unfamiliar animals and deer may harm themselves out of fear. If you enter our club with any of your pets, the guest is financially responsible for any injuries and treatment processes that may occur. In this case, the guest is liable to cover the financial loss of the business.


  • Room-Check-In is after 14.00, Room-Check-Out is before 12.00. In case of late check-out, the hotel charges a 50% accommodation fee until 17:00. After 17:00, the full-day accommodation fee is charged. If availability is not available, late check-out is not possible.

  • No refunds are made in case of cancellation or No-Show. Early check-out will not be refunded for the remaining reservation fee.

  • We do not have agency or third-party sales, except for our reservations, contracted official agencies.

  • We serve your breakfast to your home/room from 09:00 to 11:00.  Our restaurant and kitchen are closed except for breakfast service. 
    There are many delicious restaurants close to our club. You can get support from the reception for detailed information and dinner reservations.

  • There is no restriction on bringing your food and drinks for house reservations. There are kitchens, refrigerators and plates, forks, knives, spoons and glasses depending on the number of people in the houses. You can get support from the reception about cooking sets (eg Pots, Pans).

  • BBQ is not served for Park Room and Zoo Room reservations.

  • You should definitely not go to the park and forest area with any food and beverage other than your room and the garden of your room. Otherwise, the guest is responsible for any health problems that may occur.

  • You absolutely must not give bread to deer and horses. When they eat bread, they get sick by swelling in their stomach.
    Their digestive systems are not suited to digest it. In this case, the guest will be responsible for any inconvenience and treatment costs.


  • Do not feed animals in your garden without zookeepers. Fallow deers lives outside your house and rooms gardens, but for the health of the animals and your own safety, we definitely ask you to feed them without zoo keepers. 

  • For closer contact with animals; you can experience the feeding of animals by participating in the morning feeding with the zoo keepers in the park at 9.00 in the morning.

  • Do not let any animals into your room. When you leave your door open, squirrels, peacocks, roosters, chickens and sometimes even deer can enter.
    Dogs have a tracker and their sitter will disturb you if they are found to be in your room at night. If you take any animal to your room, the guest is responsible for any inconvenience.


  • Many animals roam free in the park and forest. People who do not like one-to-one contact with animals are kindly requested to take this into consideration.
    We kindly ask you to keep your distance from free-running animals and never approach them with food or drink. Otherwise, the guest is responsible for any inconvenience or injury that may occur.


  • Be careful not to scare, scare or chase any animal. The reservation of the guest who is found to have frightened, frightened, disturbed, chased or harmed any animal will be canceled without refund.

  • If you are a smoker, never throw your butts on the ground, floor or soil. Otherwise, our staff will definitely warn you. In this case, your reservation will be canceled without refund.
    Birds and animals get sick by eating them, and there is a risk of fire in the forest area. In case of any detection, the guest is responsible for the material damage.


  • The guest accepts that they are obliged to inform all their guests registered in their reservation.

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