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- We only accept guests with reservations. We take reservations from out web site. Daily guests are not accepted to our club.


-We carry out all your transactions online within the framework of the precautions we have taken. E-mails you received after booking will inform you. You need to follow informations and after payment you must enter your ID, address and HES information by entering the online check-in link.

-Room-Check-In is after 14.00, Room-Check-Out is before 12.00. A 50% room fee is charged for late-check out after 12.00. 

-You can spend time in the park all day after Check-Out.

-We make your breakfast service to your home / room from 09:00 to 11:00. We do not have breakfast service after 11.oo. Breakfast is our treat.

- Our restaurant and kitchen are closed except for breakfast service. You should come with your provisions for your meals other than breakfast.


-There is no restriction on bringing your food and beverages (Except for the Park Room, no outside food and beverage is allowed into the Park Room). Houses have refrigerators. However, you should not take them to park areas.


- There are plates, forks, knives, spoons and glasses according to the number of people in the houses. You can get support from the reception about cooking sets (eg. Pots, Pans)


-If you wish, the barbecue is served to your home as burnt. 100 TL


-Fireplace burning and a wheelbarrow wood service are optional. 150 TL

-No refunds are made in cases of cancellation or No-Show.


-Daily guests are not accepted.


-Many animals roam free in the park and forest. People who do not like one-on-one contact with animals are kindly requested to take this into consideration.


-Be careful not to scare or scare any animal. Some of them are very tame, if you let them, they will come to you ...

- You must not give bread to deer and horses - definitely. When they eat bread, their stomachs can swell and die in this way. Their digestive systems are not able to absorb this. 

- For the sake of the safety of other animals in the park, we cannot accept any pets. This is because most animals roam free in our park. Deers, pheasants, storks and St. Bernard dogs will be walking around. Dogs in the park can react to foreign animals, and deer can hurt themselves with fear.


- It is strictly forbidden to throw cigarette butts on the floor and the next bookings of guests who are found to have thrown their butts on the floor will not be accepted. 

* It is still mandatory to wear a face mask in closed and common areas.