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Welcome to

Polonezköy Country Club !

Accommodation in the Natural Life Park and Zoo....
Polonezköy Country Club offers
a different accommodation experience in the forest of Istanbul in the
"Polonezköy Zoo Natural Life Park", where many different kinds of animals have the opportunity to live freely and safely.
You will not believe that you are still in Istanbul when you stay in this natural environment where animals live freely without fear of people, right next to the city but in the wild forest.
Animal habitats, houses under the natural forest cover, a wildlife area extending
deep into the forest and tracks where you can walk without wires among animals,
a wonderful pond, a symphony of all species at night, free living spaces in 140 decares of nature…
We serve your breakfast to the garden of your room.
While you are having breakfast, fallow deer, squirrels and peacocks
will be roaming freely around you. They can come to your table.
You will find information on the reservation page,
such as what you should or should not give them as food, and
what you should pay attention to.​
To view our different types of houses and rooms, simply enter the "rooms" link.

By entering your information and dates via the reservation link, you can view all our available rooms with their current prices and create a pre-reservation.
We are working to ensure that all kinds of "pandemic measures" rules create comfort for the accommodation of our guests, and you can relax here and really breathe in nature.
You can create a reservation from the Pre-Reservation link. Afterwards, you will receive the information you need via e-mail to complete your reservation. We complete all your transactions prior to arrival and we can take you directly to your home.
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If you wish, you can get support via our whatsapp line.
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We invite you to an unforgettable journey and accommodation experience in nature with us…
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Make a pre-reservation now and enjoy the pleasure of sleeping with the sounds of peacocks, waking up with deer, having breakfast
with squirrels in the animal park with our limited quota...